Why I more like phpstorm than sublime with php

作者: dreamfly 分类: php,编辑器 发布时间: 2015-04-01 21:49

I am phper, in my worktime, i use phpstorm to write code.

before i use phpstorm, i often use the sublime. i like it simple, fast, and beautiful themes.it has many useful plugins,such as codeintel,and emmet,git .. because these plugins, i use it as my php editor. 

But when i see the phpstorm, i was attacted by it. it can be called a php god editor. you can write a oo code by it very fast. you can quickly get the word which the project has it. it supports mostly frameworks. 

when i use it write html code, it supply the css prompt quickly. i don't use to keep many css styles in my mind.

it also has a strong debug method. when you install xdebug in browser. you can debug the code very conveniently.

you refresh the browser, it will hit the breakpoint.you can watch the variables detaily.

it has many advantages, you can try it and fall in love with it.